When you have a gambling addiction, it’s hard to stop because the urges can be
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are many ways you can get help and support for your problem. The first step is
admitting that you have a problem and that you want to change. This may be
difficult, but it can help you to take control of your life again. Then, you can start
looking for solutions.

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You can also try writing down your reasons for wanting to stop gambling, as this can
help you to stay motivated and on track. If you need extra support, there are many
clinics and hotlines that can help you with your recovery, as well as meetings and
online communities. These groups can help you to share your experiences and learn
from others who have successfully overcome their gambling addictions.
Another way to increase your motivation is to make a list of the negative
consequences of gambling and what will happen if you don’t quit. This exercise can
help you to recognise the importance of changing your behaviour and focuses on the
positives of overcoming your addiction. You can also try listing all of the things you
are grateful for to boost positivity and shift your focus away from unhealthy
Identifying triggers is an important part of developing a plan to stop gambling, as
this can help you avoid them in the future. For example, if you often gamble while
watching sports, try to change your routine by using an alternate route to work or
turning off the TV at halftime. You can also set cash limits for yourself or leave your
credit cards at home to reduce temptation, and avoid casinos or other gambling

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Once you’ve started to establish some healthy coping mechanisms, try to replace
your urges with them. This can be as simple as going for a walk, playing with your
children or taking up a new hobby. If boredom is a factor in your gambling, you can
seek out more stimulating hobbies, or even consider travelling.
Stress management techniques are also a great tool to combat urges to gamble, as
research has shown there is a link between compulsive gambling and stress levels.
Practicing meditation, yoga or deep breathing exercises can all help you to calm
down and to focus on the present moment, instead of worrying about the past or
what might happen in the future.
If you’re supporting someone who is struggling with a gambling addiction, it’s
important to be supportive of them, even when they slip up or have a relapse. You
can help them to refocus their lives and encourage them to reach out for help when
they need it. For more information on the signs and symptoms of a gambling
disorder, visit our gambling guide. If you or a loved one needs further support,
contact Kindbridge Behavioral Health for help and advice. Men’s Health readers can
receive a 20 percent discount on their first therapy session by using the code
MHM20 at booking.